Client Centered Sales

Client Centered Sales

General Overview
Ultimately, customers want solutions - not features. And quite often we have sales people who have excellent technical knowledge about a product but are unable to analyze their (potential) customers' needs or even listen to their needs effectively - in order to provide them with solutions they want.. Therefore, being able to pre-analyze your customer's needs, discover their business-related problems and provide them with genuine value-added solutions - up and down the value chain - is the challenge for today's sales professional. To help meet that challenge, BET&C offers a 2-day workshop that provides numerous, hands-on opportunities to practice selling value-added solutions to your customers.

Recommended for
Sales reps at all levels


  • Developing rapport with your customer
  • Analyze and mapping your customer's needs
  • Mapping the value chain of your customer's suppliers and customers
  • Influence the customer's needs awareness
  • Leading customers through a systematic, solution-centered value added sales process
  • Link explicit customer needs with your products or services
  • Handle objections effectively
  • Present objective and professional recommendations
  • Adapting your sales approach across cultures

Learning Method
Group activities, method modelling, NLP techniques, short input sessions and lots of hands-on, learn-by-doing role simulations with feedback.

Group size
Maximum number of participants:8 / Trainer


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